Reviews for "Zanta Claws III"

You made it!

Honestly, I was wondering if you guys would be in time, but here you are. Excellent!

Now, let's see here... Zombie Santa, lots of explosions, funny moments, burning montage, giant robot, musical number.....yup, we're set here. So, I know that Tom has been having it out for Christmas, but then if he's been trying to kill Santa from the first Zanta episode, why'd he save the over-stuffed bugger in the second one? (Eh, probably no real answer there but "Oops", I guess.)

So, I guess what I really have to ask here is...will this be the end of Zanta for good? And if he IS staying down there forever...will we hear from him, time to time, for a good laugh's sake? 'Cause that WOULD be funny.

In any case, great flash, you guys. This is the Lazydaemon, wishing you all a Merry Christmas, even if you hate it.

better than the last 2

once again, you out did yourself edd. I especially loved the song that everyone was singing in the fight. think you could tell me where I can get an mp3 of it?


Excellent flash, love your animation style, keep it up!

Damn Awesome XD

Next year i think he will return MVUHAHAHAHA because he's evil mvuhahahaha

who keeps voting the reviews down?

This was a really good flash :D It had zombies, explotions, random destruction, rap battles, and quiet a few plot twists :D
keep it up!