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Reviews for "Poltergifts"


Really hard game and addictive, but the child's weapons are really useless in time.

it was great

i thought it was a good game but sometimes i found myself hitting the enemies without realising i picked up a new weapon and i think that it would be better that if you pick up a new weapon you can use it later other than that it was great


this game is hella addicting, the only thing is too many weapons become irrelevant too fast, it just needs a couple more hard hitting weapons like the chainsaw or croquet mallet

Well done!

I didn't expect it to be as addictive as it was, but it was definitely entertaining.

fuck a white christmas, give me....

It is addictive,fresh and just gets everyone in the christmas spirite..nothing says happy holidays like a demonic baby doll throwing up in your face :3