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Reviews for "Glory hole hentai RPG"


WTF, sh!t is sick and nasty.

Kajio responds:

I know right! I mean how dare I submit hentai to this site (which doesn't have any other pornography on it at all) without ANY sort of warning to the content! I could have put it in the title, description, in the flash, rated it as "adult", put a great big "Adult Content" button before the flash even loads, or SOMETHING! It's like I wanted people who hate hentai to play this game!

best blow job game ever

dude i really loved the things that u got when u pay but if u can put more things like making our own character and also giving an awsome story after entering the collage and giving many other cool abilities

Kajio responds:

I've decided that I will make a sequel, but it'll be a while before it's going to be done. Customizing your character is going to be one of many new features for the game.

no, just no.

good gameplay concept, but hentai? come on

Kajio responds:

There are literally over 5 warnings that this is hentai before you play it. You're an ass.


i dont mean to be mean but wtf?

Kajio responds:

I've said to about 10 people, there is over 5 warnings that this is adult hentai.