Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"

mind = blown

That is all.

On another note, this could actually probably be replicated on an actual Commodore 64/NES ROM (or SNES if it actually is that graphically advanced)
Who knows how long it'll take to redraw everything, however ._p


Should have been an interactive video.

Very Trippy

Just like the ppl below me its like a weird but mild acid trip. Haha thats funny how everything is in a pixelated form. All in All you tricked me into thinking it was a game for a few minutes. So Cudious to you.

To benmitchell0036, the lagg was on purpose, you should watch again how he is staring down at the siutation and when he purposely turns over and bombs himself. Then you will know.


Absolutely brilliant!

This is very well done... very amusing and fun to watch..
Brings back 8Bit Memories :) (hey that would be a very good song title)

Just awesome!!

run turdec

Oh god... I haven't heard that dial-up tone in a long time... It was ear-bleedingly funny, as was the rest of the animation. Great use of pixels!