Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"

Numbingly Wonderous

Honestly, my favorite movie on this entire website. I don't even think most people under the age of 18 will take the time to priase your impeccable animation in all of its gameboy-esque glory. The sound kinda threw me off at first, but about half way into it it started to make perfect sense. I really do love this flash, and honestly, the things you added into it were wonderful, all from the text-mode and the plane shooting, and I must say, the whole flash climaxed like a long awaited orgasm when the monkey mans the plane. The drawings takes skill and creativity, and every scene is just dripping with attestations to the amount of skill and effort you put into this.

Thank You,

P.S. Remarkable enough for to sign my review. THAT GOOD.


WOW. wow.
or is a duck?
anyway, Amazing work! i felt like playing on the PC 15 years ago.

aap responds:

It's a goose! His name is Gans and he likes to dance a lot.

Freak ending lol

The art and music job it's very good, and the games references are so funny, specially the laggy part xdd nice one!

most hilarious

totally hilarious, super duper ass hilarious, non stop

you are the best

why is it not on the world today? am there a thing to be done?