Reviews for "Earth Wind and Fire"

Simple and fun.

A very nice simple game. I adore the little circle creature and the music is fantastic. But it gets too repetitive and therefore boring after 8 or so levels. Add some new stuff in future submissions(:


it's an OK game, but there's not much replay value.

it's ok, playable but not great

it looks like it could be fun but it was aggrivating beyonb beleif maybe taking away the huge bounce quality from the white blocks and decreasing the zoom on the ball

also, PLEASE next time have the instructions actualy instruct you on what the goal is or have a tutorial i looked at the instructions and i had NO CLUE what so ever as to what to do

Quirky contorls

The controls just get to fustrating to enjoy the game. It has good artistry and the music, is okay....but it gets annoying. Trial and error will get you through. But the latter levels....as was mentioned below....MASOCHISM !!! Good Job, just not my cup of tea.

Too much zoom

The zoom was excessive, I want to see more then a few ball length away, and on some levels to even that could be considered a luxury. Due to the small size of your levels i recompensed having the zoom show the entire level.
The collision point on the edges was hard to pin point, this was made apparent by the need to manoeuvre the ball between the wall and the blocks.
Controls where responsive and the blocks being bouncy was different as most game of this type are touch any object and 'try again'
Consider using a combination of few custom shaped blocks and the collection of squares that you have been using. It will probably give a better look.