Reviews for "Earth Wind and Fire"

I must be a masochist...

Because I enjoyed this so much. Level 19... wow, that one was definitely the hardest, for me at least. Far more difficult than the later levels. Good (if simple) graphics, good (if simple) controls... but timed right and all that good stuff. I think simple done well is a good synopsis. It was the cleverness and decisions that made it so fun. I do think the paint obstacle was used a tad too much (plus it didn't really add MUCH difficult for me, the edges on the other hand...). More new stuff would be cool (x's, paint, earth, wind, and fire)... and it did seem a little anticlimatic. I guess it was a little short, but I don't think I would have minded had I some clue when it would end. Oh, and is there any way to pause (no, I didn't read the instructions...)? Overall, really good.


I liked it. Controls are easy. Idea is good. Music rather nice, accepted to this game

An interesting game but...

Overall, this is an interesting game. Many of the elements to the game blend together well. However, there were some things that made the game less enjoyable at times. The first thing to note is that you name the main section the adventure section. Yet you never explain what the adventure actually is. I also agree with the previous comment about the need for tutorial levels in order to ease the player into the action. the biggest thing for me though was the sensitivity of the game; I know this is meant to be a game of finesse, but there were times i would barely touch the arrow key and the sphere would fly across the screen. I also did not like the bounceback on some of the blocks, where it would send me in the other direction at times. Overall though, the game, although it has its faults, is a fun time killer, and an enjoyable game.

Good idea

It was a good game, but it could have done with a few tutorial levels, with text explaining what to do, instead of just throwing you right into the action.


I liked the clearness of the game, and the fact that there was no lag whatsoever. Awesome job.