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Reviews for "Treadmillasaurus Rex"

Another hilariously amazing work!

As usual, you don't disappoint with your unusual style of game-making xD I seriously wonder how you come up with this stuff! Haha, 10/10 5/5!

cool game

it's basic, but different, and it really is quite fun and addicting. The music also definitely fits the game. the text can be quite distracting though.

Love it.

It starts easy so you laugh a little and say this is easy.
By the end of the game your screaming shit!!
Which makes me smile c:
Where you need improvement ^-^
You should add more obstacles to the game seeing how I got to 160,000 calories and didn't get another obstacle.

That dinosaur!

This is a great game to play because it is just so creative. I have no idea what is going on or what is the purpose for any of this but it is so random it's awesome! Randomness is even the point of the game when you consider you get so much from the spinning wheels. I was a bit worried my medals were not showing up on the screen, but apparently I got them anyway. Dinosaurs were one of my favorite things to learn about when I was a kid. It is just fascinating how silly the game can get.


Addicting and fun...
the "SPIN TIME" text gets pretty fucking annoying tho...
Also, there should be slow wind/treadmill/spikeball shit.... since its possible in like 10 spins to get completely screwed and end up being too slow (even in the air) to move.

Anyway... the game is pretty good, and I enjoyed playing it.
Thanks for the upload.