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Reviews for "Treadmillasaurus Rex"


this should be a gme show exept with fat ppl


They wouldn't give them to me?
still, this is a great game! So simplistic, yet so artistic! I could play this for DAYS!

Really good!

For some reason, I really like this. Even though you don't do much, the games still really enjoyable.


It'l like wipe-out, the japanese-game-show-inspired game show, except that it doesn't suck and it doesn't drag things out. It is the manifestation of the question "Wouldn't it be cool if you put a T-Rex on a treadmill and drop spike balls on him, and he couldn't get off because of the lazers but there was a lot of wind and the treadmills got faster and you have, like, party music and lights and confetti and a ridiculous hat?"

Another hilariously amazing work!

As usual, you don't disappoint with your unusual style of game-making xD I seriously wonder how you come up with this stuff! Haha, 10/10 5/5!