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Reviews for "Coaster Racer"

really awesome

it's not often we can appreciate such a graphical pleasure and smooth gameplay.

rollin baby

It's a perfect time-killer. It is better than the Road of Death. I like this roller-coaster idea. It is quite easy, The graphic sucks. I added it to favorites though...


Yay, I'm the stig!
This game will be obsolete when Flash player 11 comes out (look on Youtube for MAX racer), though.

Ah... takes me back

I know you are going to get lots of people saying "Oh! Reminds me of ****" But playing it took me back to playing Stunt Car Racer on the C64. Way better graphics though :D

A favourite

Definitely a favourite of mine this one. My only criticism is that the tracks don't come across as very roller-coaster-like. Maybe I expect something more windy and loopy for roller coaster tracks, maybe those kinds would be too difficult. But the tracks are still good.