Reviews for "Carve n' Share"


Me and my little sister had alot of fun and it also helped me decide what to do for my actual pumpkin.

Thank you

That was so fun! It ate some time from me and I made a dragon, thanks!!


this is a great game!
pumpkin carving is the best part of halloween!

Fun with lots of creative potential!

Nuff said. But it would be nice if you could leave short comments. But that might be abit much. Also the cursor was bit off. It didn't match up completely withspace you wanted to edit and I got confused every now and then.

Good but flawed

For instance, noobs are spamming up the "best" catgory by voting 5 on their own pictures, because the pumpkins there are chosen by rating, not by average. Apart from that, it's a fun timewaster.