Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

how sad

good game but i hate the some people have obisously just sat ther doing there pumpkin for ages it so geeky and a waste of time so i ll give u


Is my reaction to this. Very nice presentation and tons of options. A great idea and great execution. I will definitely be revisiting this often for the next month or so. And I really am amazed by some of the carvings out there, we have some pretty damn good artists around here.

This is rather addicting, really!

I say that because it presents a challenge where the artist, or I suppose carver, rather, has only 2 "shades"- carved or uncarved. This is what I think makes it so fun. Or it could just be Halloween spirit. Or both. :)

The graphics (not what the user carves (which sometimes seems to be a lot of... explicit, shall we say... things)) are very nice, PoxPower. :) I love the lo-fi, unaliased look of it all. Good job on that!

Though there isn't much to say about it, the audio is very good. :) The music is subtle but quite nice indeed. I don't think you could've picked a better song for this. I may have to put that one on my iPod, in fact... The sounds are nice as well, and aren't noisy and/or distracting.

Like I've said before, this, to me, is VERY addicting. I love how you have to compromise to get the right shapes and forms you want. It's a little weird why some pieces don't fall off when cut around but it's fine with me; that just means more versatility!

I do have some minor complaints, though. It'd be nice if the pointers for the carving knife and bandage tools were slightly more visible, and also an option to make the knife and bandage tools visible or invisible.

Overall, I think you've done a great job, Evil-Dog and PoxPower. :) This is a really entertaining little flash. Also, this has gotten me into the Halloween spirit even more than I already was before I tried this nifty flash out. :D

Oh yes, and pre-faved btw! *Thumbs up*

I love it

There should be more games on here that stimulate creativity. After making one I had to make more because I kept getting new ideas.

Good fun times

carving a pumpkin is a lot of work, nice to make it fun :)