Reviews for "Mummy's Boy"

does that count, or did HE have to go over?...

first off, you did amazingly well in the drawing and animating part. music choice was good as well. You did great on the opening/ending credits. Kind of anticipated the ending, but it was still funny. the only reason you didn't gae a 9/10 is the length. i know it takes a lot to get that good an animation, but if you go that far you should go all out and not have a 1 min video. Also... how DID this get a T rating???


I wonder if anyone saw that coming.


it was good, but it seems generally rushed, and i saw the punchline a mile away. nearly every joke involving a mummy ends in it getting unraveled.
you can do better, i know your flash skills.

not bad

it wasnt really funny just the part after the credits made me laugh how did this get rated T


I don't understand how people don't get the humor- this was funny!
I'm glad he... made it... sort of... lol
The best scene is after the credits; maybe people aren't watching the whole thing