Reviews for "Mummy's Boy"


That was very funny :) I loved how the others were all grossed out at the end ! Funny as hell XD


w00t, dude that totally made my day, i loved it i though it was kuute^x^, at th end hehe he looked like a naked yoda for a bit, the vid blew my mind the whole concept was amazing, i hope to the big rabbi in the sky u make more^x^

It's Pole Vault, Not High jump : )

Great Animation. I run track in college so I have to point out that that is the POLE VAULT, Hence why he is caring a Pole lol. If you already heard this then i'm sorry

Eddache responds:

Whoops, you're quite right!

shorts are good

not too long to get boring, im a happy camper I:

Too Short

Although i may be repeating other people, i agree, it is too short, although still funny and i like the name references, you should have added a little bit more. Not bad and work on more lengthy animations in the future.

Eddache responds:

Edd Egg episodes are about 5-7 minutes long so this was a change of pace