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Reviews for "Super Mario World"

Nice work, this was preety funny!

Gr : 8 - Better than average sprite graphics!
St : 7 - It was ok, its a nice idea, just to little options!
So : 7 - The sound was a tad spooned when Mr.Hankey was saying stuff
Vi : 0 - There was none
In : 5 - There was a lttle bit
Hu : 10 - The chinese part cracked me up!
Ov : 4/5 - 7/10 - This movie was funny, but the thing that its lacking is length.. This was WAY to short!


but it really was too short. Still, it's pretty funny and the sound and picture quality is pretty good. Well done.

Not bad definetely to short....but still good

Not bad but as i have said definetely to short update it so there are more options..good try though!


nice. but......

it definently needs more options. That was really short. But overall, it was good.


really funny when mr. hanky sings