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Reviews for "Super Mario World"

Pretty Cool

It was fun for a while.
You should have given more options though.
Chinesse Mario was pretty funny looking.
Also Mario's comment when he meets Mr. Hanky is hilareous.

Good Stuff

I thought the spin one was the best. My favorite character now is China Mario. he's so funny looking.


The get jiggy wit it was stupid. The spin jump was good (I guess he no wike wice). But the Go down pipe was awesome! Mr. Hankey! keep those great flashes coming Randy!

pretty good

this was pretty good as expected..and as always...keep it up man..

NG has come a long way since this

To think that this movie got daily feature back in 2000. Well, it's not that bad, but if it were submitted nowadays it would never get daily feature. In a way, that's a good thing, because it means more and more people are interested in Newgrounds, and therefore there are better flash artists.
Anyway, the movie was ok. Nothing really that funny, but because it's made by randy solem it's not too bad. Randy Solem is the king of all sonic vs marios. :-).