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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Awesome Game

This zombie game here is awesome man great job. The weapons that helped the most was the nail gun air bubble gun the flamethrower and the coin rifle. Yea this is definitely the best zombie game eva! :) *Spoiler* Do u ever think there might be a Undead Highway 2 plz make it because i got shocked when the survivor on the island got killed from the zombie and the guy on the boat was all like "NOOOOOO.... U FUCKIN ZOMBIESSSSS!!!!! I'LL KILL U ALLLLL!!!!" So at that point i consider u make a second one Thank u :)

Kouga´s opinion

Really awesome game.

Nice graphics, perfect jogability, and ultra- creative weapons. The only caomplain i have is the little variety of enemies.

It´s a good job, anyway.

I have just found out why this is like that mmo

Ive played dead frontier b4, but this is a lot easier and a whole lot more fun. I have a question though...... How does a zombie carry a whole sack of potatoes on them

Very creative!

I especially liked the bottle rocket launcher to blow up hordes of zombies. It seemed to me the more you use a weapon, the more ammo you get for it. One of the more fun zombie games on NG :D

Wow, really challenging, 5 stars