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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

For the Cause (of Dead Frontier)!

I just about died of laughter when I got the chainsaw launcher, though I found the flamethrower useless and the bubblegun to be the best weapon.

Until the last level, when I was forced to use the final weapon...


Good game, Kind of an unfortunate ending. Favorite gun was the dual nail guns

>:D take that zombies!

i loved it


where in hell (or garage sale) did he come up with these things! hes insane! i made a spud gun before though, i used fertilizer to launch it... it went far, and i shot my older brother with it, he had back problems for a while... any way great job, u should try a puzzle game, like find objects in a room and make stuff with them, or be given a bunch of stuff at the beggining of the game, and make wepons with them, just ideas!