Reviews for "24 in 24"

There aren't many movies with this much variety!

This is not only incredibly impressive, but highly entertaining to watch. Each part is so incredibly from the last. I feel privileged to have seen two thirds of all these animations in the making, with the wonderful music, animation, and thought processes.

I can't even pick a favorite part. There are so many great parts! However, I can say it was fun to discover that the shark with sunglasses expanded into Explosion Runner. Never would have guessed XD

Phenomenal work. I've already watched this three times.

I i omg i cried a little

it it was beautiful i loved watching you animate :D good job and good style

Cool idea!

Not bad. I was thinking it might be a little subpar but some of these were really good! Numbers 8, 17, and 23 were my favorites.


Those all look ridiculously good for averaging 1hr each between them. I fear both your powers and prepare for the reckoning.

Great work! I'm bummed I missed you both on Stickam, I just saw the post about it today; I would've loved to see what kind of workflow you had between the two of you... when things were decided, where you split to do your work, how many times, if any, you crossed paths again before compositing the final product.

Each was unique in feel and tone; a real exhibition of style!

JamesLee responds:

Next time we'll try to make more people aware of it before we start.

There were a few different workflows we took for different segments. Sometimes Hania would start with the music and I'd try to match, other times I'd do the animation and Hania would do the music after.

We had many brief meetings as we went (we were working in the same room), but we tried to keep these as brief as possible. Before we started we had a workflow somewhat planned so that ideas could form as easy as possible. It was very important that Hania created specific moods for each track, so I could more easily visualize a story/setting, without a lengthy discussion of what visuals would suit the music.

Number 8 would sound awesome in

Trine! Lol i dont know what made me think of it but the music would be perfect for that game. All and all another wonderful creation from the brilliant minds of James and Hania Lee!