Reviews for "24 in 24"


It turned out very nice for the 24 hours you guys spent. My personal favorite was the one with the music syncing. Great job, keep it up!


Ooo, I liked the idea of this. It kept me watching cause I was so curious as to what would happen next! And I was very happy to see zombie muffins or cupcakes or w/e those were haha. Very funny =P Tarboy 2 anytime soon? =D

Really well done!

All the animations were really dandy and some were amazing, and overall, this is quite a ground-breaking accomplishment in the Flash world. I watched James make all this stuff live and it was truly exciting, I even got to join in on the conversation and express my ideas :D. Again, great job to the both of you (James and Hania) for making such a cool and unique project.

I hope this becomes a yearly tradition :D.


Your animations are inspiring!

7 / 8 / 13 / 15/ 19 rocked

7&13 love the animation stood out more than the others, seeing a flash based on #8 would be weird if it were like a skin Tom Fulp stores in the music section when you play a song.