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Reviews for "2012: D... OH F***"

Fail =

This video. Maybe you should actually make something instead of putting up random videos?

What The!?!?

It is not great and it is not even flash. But I do think you that have downloaded the WORNG file.

Little kid,

You need to leave your parent's computer alone. It's not for you to play with. It's for big people.

Newgrounds is for animation. Youtube is for videos. If you do not understand that simple fact, then you are too young to be on the computer.

As for this submission, you didn't 'make' anything. You turned the camera on, possibly by accident. You turned the camera off. Then you sent the resulting fail, er, file here.

If you want to animate something, fine. But please don't submit stuff like this.


This video is peace of crap

HydroSeeker responds:



did someone upload the wrong file

i like how the kid gets in trouble with his mom.

HydroSeeker responds:

I did it without letting my mom notice