Reviews for "A Storm Over Lavender Lane"

wonderful !

headphoamz responds:

Thanks so much!

i like that it's "classical" on NG but not "cinematic"
yeah that glissando is a bit nonsense haha, everything else is well sequenced though. maybe a few timing and velocity "errors" in the fast runs would make it just a little bit more human sounding? nothing drastic though. i think the piano could do with a teeeny bit of EQ just to roll off some of the low end from the piano... sometimes the hammer-ey sound kinda punches me in the gut through the subwoofer haha

another thing is that i didn't really like the reverb you used, would've preferred something a little less cavernous... shorter decay time with a teeny tiny predelay would be really nice. the quiet middle section (~1:09) is really playful but i feel like the reverb sucks some of the life out of it. like, if it was played in a packed concert hall i just think the reverb would more subtle in the audience.

ANYWAY it was really really good and i loved how playful and lively the whole thing was. nice one!

headphoamz responds:

Hey thank ya! Yeah, I thought it was definitely more Classical than Cinematic. I know what you mean about the reverb, too - I just enjoy that long, drawn-out piano sound, I guess. :) Thanks for writing such a detailed review here, makes me happy. :P

This may be my favorite NGADM piece I've heard yet. It moves through so many emotions so effortlessly. The piano playing is complex but never unnecessarily so. There is such good counterplay between the different instruments. I love how the part at 1:20 is such a nice contrast to the earlier stuff, and yet it fits so well. And oh my god, your ending is sooo well done. There is some sort of melodic inevitability to it - it feels like the ending starts as far back as 1:43 and builds gracefully to that awesome descent at 2:02.

Critique? I don't even know. That one glissando at :47 sounds off, but that seems more like the problem of your sample then a problem with the composition itself. The phrase at :27 could be extended a little bit (I feel like the resolution comes a little too early).

This is between a 9 and a 10 for me. And I feel like it's mostly my fault for not giving it a 10, since I almost never listen to classical music and sometimes have trouble understanding it. (I need to listen to it more!) Regardless though, very, very well done!

headphoamz responds:

Wow... I'm very honored you speak so highly of it. I've read a lot of your reviews and you're very candid about your opinions, so... I'm kinda blushing right now. Thanks, johnfn! :)

Love it!

headphoamz responds:

Thanks Toasty :D

Very well written. Sounds truly classical and complex. The articulation is quite nice on this piece. Very lively. But I don't think you actually play this live, it sounds a little to smooth. If you did actually play it like this you play really well. I don't think this is an acoustic grand either. I don't hear any resonation of the strings. Maybe if the right people pick it up it will be performed life by a famous pianist in a concert hall. I think this piece deserves it.

headphoamz responds:

Oh yeah dude, there's no way I could ever play this at this speed. But this is how it sounded in my head and how I intended it to be heard. Thanks so much Jovis, good luck to you in the comp!