Reviews for "Ride Like The Wind"


Dude, I REALLY liked this a LOT. I haven't seen a flash vid like this one! The 3D animations were PERFECT, the song was GREAT. This animation of yours is just.....TEH BOMB!

All I can do I bow before You

Song is great
And "video" is even better :D

Now I hear this song in my head all the time :D

nice video man

very good made dude and whell you tryed to hide the format changes but you bairly see a difference. For the rest i can only say great amv man realy impressive!

whoo hoo go spacewolfe

super duper aaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeesssssssooooo ooooommmmmmmmmeeeee

My god...

*claps* Well done my friend, well done