Reviews for "Ride Like The Wind"

Nice music video

A very nice music video with some nice visuals some cool music and some really nice animation here and it all came together now I wouldn't mind some extra tid bits like more details in each art scene but overall this was cool

More details in the graphics


So bright, beautiful and melodic! It's good music as it is, but it feels like the video brings it up a notch further. It really makes it shine; really makes you visualize the energy and freedom of it all. Nicely done! And cool to actually see an 'official' music video in Flash too, it's all too rare. :)


Bobbystrange is right great song and animation, reminds me of when I saw Fast and Furious part 1 at the movies, lol me and my friends had a certain urge to race after seeing that movie lol

That is one great tune! And the video makes me want to buy a boat. Who wants to race?

Wow, the graphics were great! Although I wish there would be a continoueation of Castle. Man, You have gotten very far in animating, from Castle 1 to this, which is Sick!