Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"

In the true essence...

...Of animation, you nailed it. It was surprisingly offensive for alot of the video, but I think that could easily be taken care of by a higher content rating. Adult would be perfect.

Very smooth and wildly entertaining animation, color, and artwork; Great choice of music for the video, and disregarding the content, the animation overall was excellent. Well done!



I didn't really understood it, but it made me laugh a bit so I give it a 9

lol complaints?

When did newgrounds become full of vaginas? Is everyone that sensitive when hearing the word n****r. I can guarantee that most of the people crying about this are white and just trying to rant. There's all kinds of racial humor out there so why does this one piss you off so bad. Sweet animation and I enjoyed the music.


This is weirder than some of my dreams and I've some rlly fked up dreams.well I enjoyed it that's the good thing just that this flash made me feel like I was on acid. But I would mind something alittle more stable next time around, I'm already mentally unstable and I'm afraid your flash might break my psyche...no joke o-0.

Still neat flash though

Catoblerone responds:



NICE pulp fiction reference