Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"

Nice animation

But lacking plot, and unlike a lot of flashes that lack plot but end up on the front page, lacking humor as well. Made very little sense.

In the true essence...

...Of animation, you nailed it. It was surprisingly offensive for alot of the video, but I think that could easily be taken care of by a higher content rating. Adult would be perfect.

Very smooth and wildly entertaining animation, color, and artwork; Great choice of music for the video, and disregarding the content, the animation overall was excellent. Well done!


well well well

how much drugs were you on when you made this?

So...you had no fun making it?

Let's start with the good part: the animations. They looked very good and the animation overall was very smooth and along with the psychodelic colors, it gave the flash a really interesting look.

The problem, however, is the content...not only that it makes no sense at all, it also is unnecessary offensive and basically, I had no fun watching it, in the end, it felt just stupid :/

Still a 3 / 10 for the really good animation!

okay i just hated this

Ok,i basically hated the style of the animation and it always makes me feel like i'm high
and kind of annoying actually

i usually don't rate things this low

but i'll give 2 stars for effort