Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"

nice work

its front page in the games section and is not a game.... a[part from that - not bad

Its just art

First, everyone that is giving this 0s needs to stfu. Second, I wouldn't have commented if it wasn't for all these people giving it crappy reviews and lowering its score. Can you really call it a video? You have to click the whole thing and the only animation is in the credits. And its a sequel to another collection. Is Newgrounds made up of a bunch of whiny children, this is good art, could be considered as part of the art portal but you can't submit a collection like this, and there are many of these scattered as games across ng. 0 for ng babies, 8 for your nice piece.

not bad

i got a few good laughs out of it


Some were funny, like the Robocop one the some were just stupid


screw screwy screwyson this was a nutty screw....... wierd screw animation and bolty music. also it almost nailed my brain while i got screwed...... its fun to screw :D