Reviews for "Sift Heads World : Act 4"

The Others

This is even fun compared to the other ones where you just snipe people 100/10



so cool

i love it


This game is just awesome i love it plss add achievements or medals!


Whenever I play this one I find out im missing a gun. My AK-47 was replaced by a sniper rifle. My M16 was replaced by a tranqulizer gun. What the f**cks going on? I dont need 3 of the same sniper rifle and 2 of the same pistol used in 1 part of the f**cking game!!!! Tell me why this is happening. Please. halojokey, there will be a fifth one. To find out more go to the sift heads world offical web site which you can access by clicking sift guide. To make a profile click play and do some other stuff i cant remember. kylestormer2, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU SAID. A rough translation. To access your armory grab the keycard on the table in the garage. If you already have a tranqulizer gun and a regular gun go to the airport, shoot the guards in the head,not the hat,or anywhere else on there body with the tranqulizer gun and you go to Russia when you click on the employees only closet. But seriously, I want my guns back.