Reviews for "Sift Heads World : Act 4"


it was really good but in the opening the plane kept going out of my reach

i won

i won the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good but.. a problem

the games ar eall good but either on the sifthead website or newgrounds in one way or the other the game was broken. on siftheads 2 and 3 on the siftheads site i culdnt shoot my enemies. now that im on newgrounds playing siftheads 4 on the mission whereu enter the place wherethey keep thewomen i died. the game would not allow me to retry and forced me to go go the safehouse. which from there i cant activate thecinematic to bring me to the traders camp. so im screwed. aint that a bitch


Master Assassin, this is his NG account. Don't be so stupid. Seriously. The game is sweet though. Props.


This game is totaly awesome! But there is one thing I should address: sometimes when I go to the map the game freezes up. why does this happen?