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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"


Wow, realmente me quedé con la boca abierta XD
Está asombrosa la animación, la historia es sencilla pero entretenida y no necesita de sonidos, la música encaja perfecto pues no es completamente serio el ambiente.

Animas excelente, me inspiró mucho, felicitaciones por el gran trabajo, los dibujos están muy bien hechos y no necesitaron de tanto detalle para darle una gran apariencia, también muy fluidos los movimientos! :D


Pablo-M responds:

Muchas gracias por tus comentarios!


Excellent Flash. I can definitely feel the inpriation from Vinnie.

Very well drawn. I love frame-by-frame.

I really liked the atmosphere you created.

Kewl :)

The art reminds me of my own which makes me happy for some reason. Even though it wasn't very detailed the animation just sucks you in. Also, did I spy Ness? :D

Great movie, great setting

I really liked it. The lack of dialogue didn't bother me at all, the movie worked without it. The music is not exactly my type, but it wasn't irritating to my overly sensitive ears.

What I liked most though is that the world of the movie feels very rich.

One little thing that I had a problem with: there seems to be a war going on, but the charracters don't seems to show any fear during battle. Other than that, this movie is perfect.


that was fucking amazing