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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"


I had a dream exactly like this...


Whew!. That was cool.. I'd like to have my own anime character. XD


didn't have voice acting but that was an excellent story and the animation was simple and fantastic very enjoyable and pleasing to watch great work man :p


The art style was really cool and the song was good too. I liked how they were just some regular people collecting weapons from a bin and going of to fight, i thought that was simple, yet innovative, rather then spending time trying to train people and give them all the same stuff and making them look like clones or something.
And it seems like Musclecore is so much of a moron that he cant even realize that because this site is international its acceptable for this flash to be in spanish.

como se llama la cancion?

me gusto mucho tu flash esta muy bueno solo quiero saber como se llama la cancion que me gusto mucho :D