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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"

Very nice!

I could tell that you were heavily influenced by Vinnie Veritas. Anyway, this was great because it went in a completley different direction than what I thought it would! At first I thought it was just going to be a mundane flash about doing public service work or something. It really surprised me how it got into a giant space battle! I love the animation in this, especially the design of the red eyed tentacle monster appearing on top of the ship. Everyone here just seems to be really pleasant.

Pablo-M responds:

lolwut public service? haha
Thank you!

Very good !

This movie was awesome! I think you should make the soundtrack especially for your anim and it would be perfect (not just put a music on). Good job


wow this was quite awesome xD

hope you make more of these =)

Definitely Vinnie inspired

I doubt he'll sue you for being inspired.

I think it's good that you put your own 'flavor' into this and expanded on that. An improvement on Ninja vs Samurai

Vas muy bien wey!

Ahy siguele con la animacion wey. Mejor bien y lento, no hay prisa. Suerte!