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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"

Very good animation

The animation was excellent, i don't understand why the people don't like the songs in spanish. By the way, it remember me of Skyland, very good job :)

Awesome /incredible animation

One of the best animations ive seen so far, just amazing, good fights and a great work in the scenes u picked. But the song is just sooooooooooooo bad, i'd give 10 if it wasnt for the song.

Awesome :D

Sometimes it's better not to put in a plot so you can figure things out for youreselfs :P. Like reading a book and imagining how it was supposed to look like but then reversed.

Fantastic work on the animations ;). Thumbs up!!

Very good

I give it a 9 because like said the fight scenes need more impact but other than that, good job!

<Blown away

tremendously awesome animation! I was captured by Vinnie Veritas and this grasps me as well. This kinda stuff only happens in my imagination and you two do amazing jobs at bringing it to life.
-as a side note: i laughed my ass off seeing the gameboy color in the weapons bin XD still wondering wth it was doing in there lol.

Pablo-M responds:

Thanks a lot for your review!
lol I thought that scene was too brief and nobody would notice it. good eye!