Reviews for "Sonic 15th Thr33"


i love it alll man!!!!

RicStrife responds:


Very nice once again :D

Although it saddens me this is the last one....in tribute, I will find and post all 6 easter eggs! (:<

1. Dead Parrot- Click the statue...thing on the counter.

2. Trapped- Click on the monkey hanging off of the tree in the background.

3. WTF is wrong with me?!- Click on Shadow.

4. Dr. Evil- Click on the ball thingy in the glass.

5. Earthworm Jim Rides Again- click on the caterpillar thing.

6. Dodgeball- Click...I think...uh idk..the guy with th eyepatch.On the TV.

7. Ghostbusters Scene- Click on Sonic

8. It's Over/Credits- Click on the blue old-fashioned telephone booth.

9. Main Menu- Sit through....THE MARIO DANCE! O_o and click on the Xbox360 Achievement trophy icon.


RicStrife responds:

The Statue is the black knight from Monty Python

The ball thing is a hologram of the death egg

The Caterpiller thing is called Star Bug

I think you missed some ;)


Docter Who is herE with the TARDIUS! Was he really nesscecary? XD

RicStrife responds:

No, but I love Doctor who ;) Look out for my next Easter Egg in my next animation, hint, Delorean!!! :O

That was funny as FUCK!

I loved every minute of it.

RicStrife responds:

Thanks, so did I.

good job

secret1 click shadow when there dancing secret2 click sonic when fighting ghosts secret3 click the blue thing in the ending if you can chatch it hope this helps

RicStrife responds:

That's 3 of the Easter Eggs, how about the other 6~? ;)