Reviews for "Sonic 15th Thr33"

poor sonic

i cant belive amy just broke up with sonic right after she got her glasses although the rest was great how long did it take to make the mistakes

RicStrife responds:

He's a blue Hedgehog, there's gotta be something wrong with him hahaha.
Well on and off for about a year it took. About a month to write down enough ideas for the good finale.


isnt the tardis a time machine thing that looks like a 90s phone booth?

RicStrife responds:

The Tardis is based on a 1960's Police Box, this was an old thing we had in UK where police officers could hold criminals while cars were sent out to take the criminal away, it would even have a Phone in it which was linked to the police.
Although American parodies do tend to use the 80's England Phone Booth for some reason.

this is shit

????? shit!

RicStrife responds:

It's a shame you only like part 2, but then go all down grading when I don't look at your picture. You're once again left as an outcast in this group of reviewers


but y duz shadow turn to black doom

RicStrife responds:

If you play Shadow the Hedgehog, you'll discover that Shadow was more of less a clone of Black Doom, so it seemed like natural progression if he was super-sterioded like with Altered Beast.

Plain Genius

I watched the trilogy for a long time and its still so funny. I have to say this is the best flash you have made Ric Strife. You know how to make people laugh.

RicStrife responds:

Thank you, I do try my best. If I could find more free time, then I would make more animations again, but the fact is, I have to work to the nail to get by, and unfortunatly newgrounds doesn't support me.