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Reviews for "Last Train Home: Trailer"

Overall Aspect

Overall, the trailer was good, well, for a horror movie. Seemed a bit too predictable for my taste. The giggling when the lights went out didn't really sound like it could come from either of them, seems like it should be a bit of an older woman voice laughing. You can never really go wrong with eerie music though xD. Didn't seem very original though, I've seen way too many times when theres some girl turned away with her hair covering her face crying or looking innocent or whatever that turns out to be evil. The lights going out and little girl giggling is too common. Really wherever the scene is, it seems like theres going to be someone alone in a dark ominous looking area and they really shouldn't be there to begin with. That's me just being a critic though, it really was pretty good, I just thought it was predictable. Good job.

Enzer0 responds:

Your right about the predictability - but you have have to understand that this is based from easter horror, with suspense and the typical long haired chick jerkin about. It's a genre all in itself in Japan apparently.

Thanks for your review!

As I was watching

I first thought, oh she's cute! Then I thought, he did really well on the expressions. But then her expression while huffing demon skull breath was a bit ummm, 'disinterested' like a little bit scared, but not like about to piss your pants because there is a demon skull chick about to eat your face. Work on the fear expression. The others were quite natural though :D

Enzer0 responds:

Alrighty - Thanks for your critique, the subtle expressions were one of the things i liked to do. Eye motion was my fav bit :)


finally were getting more 3D animators here at newgrounds.
im actually trying to plan the first 3D.

but anyway this looks incredible.

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks for your review :)


that was actually really fucking scary, good job!

Enzer0 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Oh man!

holy shit! not only is it 3-D but its looks really good, I am looking forward to this big time

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks man, its out soon