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Reviews for "Last Train Home: Trailer"


Rlly nice video, one of the only that looks like real people. Good job. 10/10 5/5!

Enzer0 responds:

Thank you very much! I might upload more now :D

There is but one thing missing...

All it needs is the song 'Ghost Train' by the Gorillaz in the background. It's extremely neat for the animation style used and I hope that the quality of this preview carries on into the final.

Enzer0 responds:

It is :)


Absolutely KICK ASS 3D Work! :-D This is just as suspenseful as any live_action Teaser.... Can you give us a possible Posting Date?


Enzer0 responds:

I'll post some time next week, keep an eye out!

Really good!

Why didn't you just submit the whole thingy? You also learnt marketing or smth right? dammit, that's getting profit from uni, can't wait for the full thing x)

Enzer0 responds:

It's not much longer than the trailer :) hah hah

I'd jump out the window the second I saw that!

A new reason why I won't take the train!

Enzer0 responds:

Heh heh - Ive always liked trains