Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

this is what i been waiting for

fighting scenes were ILLESt to the FULLEST... cant wait till the voice quality changes if you continue wit more episodes
I like the story especially ...
3 thumbs up with mutated hands

Makes you think...

Had a little bit of everything action, sexual themes, and some serious shit too.
I love the subtle Naruto and McDs jokes and I have no complaints about the flash... I just wish you had the links to the music like the first Necro flash.

JazLyte responds:

Yeah, it it's non-Audio portal though, sorry :/

very nice

interesting story and smooth animation and plenty of action to keep it interesting. there were a few problems with lip syncing.

Jazz kilt it!

S'apnin Young Jazz, good to see you're steady producing. That shit was top notch! Great way to establish the feel of the city and characters while staying funny/irreverent yet not anti-preachy. "See n***a? We feel you!" hahahaha! Priceless. Keep it up man, solid animation.

JazLyte responds:

Oh snap, thanks man :) SickRonald's does feel you, n***a.

This was freaken sweet

Animation was smooth as hell and the comedy was well fit great work man keep more coming!