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Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

like the story

lol the hypocrisy of church is all too common isn't it. i liked the action and the interesting story. the frame-by-frame fighting must have taken a lot of effort! nice job.


storyline and the setting are just awesome i like it alot great job

you KNOW this is awesome...

So many good things to say about this. Great work man. Don't ever stop making your dreams come true. This is an epic accomplishment here.

So much talent.

Another truly amazing work. The story is unique and deep, something not customary for NG, so that alone is pretty damn good. The VAs are talented and I recognize a few of them.

The art and the animation is so damn smooth and vivid, the environment and backgrounds are so detailed and given a lively presence that is admirable and to be honest, something I wish I was good at.

I wish there were more projects like this on NG. The site could use a break from the constant use of "cock jokes"

JazLyte responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :) I get exactly what you mean, but I suppose I can't complain too much. Most people either come here for comedy or games so that's the market right now, and I know what I'm getting into. Even still, the site admins are feature-friendly even to long-winded stuff like mine when I need it, so I'm cool with it. I like a good dick joke once in awhile my damn self anyway :P But I'm not gonna stop making pretentious flashime anytime soon.

lol I'm just now righting a review for this.

When Jazz does the ultimate 20 piece combo on dude after doing a spin from off the floor that has to be one of the coolest moments in Necropolis history. Like, got damn! You just don't see that kind of animated fighting from an independent animator.

You still need a new mic though but I won't hold that against ya.

Perfect music, it really sets the tone.

JazLyte responds:

'Preciate it man :). I'm going to top that, going for 30 hits next episode EXCELSIOR!