Reviews for "Caliber"


Great work on this one, loved the variation on the arsenal, can't ever have too many guns :)
A really enjoyable game that I'll be placing in my favorites.
Good job!

So Many Weapons!

You get a 5/5 and a 10/10 for all the weapons. The game play wasn't that bad either.

"Pretty good"

Nice game, good weapon selection, cool perks, challenging gameplay.
I suggest adding a pause feature, and maybe different types of enemies. Just a thought.

very good

i enjoyed this game very much the only problem i had was the slowness of the controls and the fact the screen moves when the mouse is moved which can put you off very easily. keep up the good work.

Pretty Chill

I don't really know what the guns mean. A parentheses, like (machine gun) or some other description would be really cool. And a pause key. But otherwise, pretty chill game!

unbelivable responds:

There is a parenthesis that described what the weapon is in simple terms (Sub Machine gun) etc etc. please read!

Thanks for the review.