Reviews for "Caliber"

Everything is cool exept the zombies are too fast and the shoot dot or target is too small!and why red?you put blood in this game so now its EVEN HARDER to find it!

Great weapons and ballistics engine.

You have an extremely good ballistics engine. In fact, its the best I've seen in an online Flash game.
However, the controls should be changeable by the player, and the Survival mode was lacking.
I acknowledge that it IS a zombie game, so I'm not asking for too much story, since these zombie plots are all similar. However, a more dynamic map and different enemy types for survival mode would make this game much better.
Let's face it: An endless grass field with nothing but alien-looking zombies coming from all sides isn't very appealing, now is it?

controls sucked

everything else was neat O

not a fan

Seems like your average top down shooter. But few things I didn't like about this one. First of all the camera moving. I found it to be confusing that it distanced itself from the character as you moved your mouse further away. I'd prefer it to be at a fixed distance. I'm sure you can get used to this, but I didn't like it.

Then the graphics. Am I shooting pokemons? Cuz those things look like the Grimer pokemon. Your avatar being a pokemon I guess you did copy his appearance :P. Didn't really like that decision either. Also not a fan of how they died. They just stop moving and you remove the health bar, then they disappear after few seconds. You could have done some simple death animation.

Sorry to be all negative but your game just doesn't stand out, at least not in a good way. It's 'nothing too new or interesting'.


Definitely need a sequel and next maybe a story mode you could definitely go places with this man... Good job graphics weren't half bad game play was easy controls were easy and the gun combo were awesome i always picked the Barret .50 cal though lots of multi kills.. That and usually the barret pistol...