Reviews for "What a perv was Cuthwald"

it made me horny

RIP Cuthwald
We will miss you


Nice animation, good song, but a little creepy... And not that funny :/

A little creepy... okay...

definitely one of NSFW's more NSFW flashes, it's tempting to stumbleupon this and mark it as safe for work... but yeah, all in all just another disturbing comedy flash about fucked up people with not one... but way, way too many kinks.


As gggp said and I agree most typical newgrounders are just like cuthwald, but he was above the more perverted fuck we all know. XD

Everyone was asleep, but I woke my family from laughing so damn much cause of this. This is a good one alright/perverted and funny!


Cuthwald is just a tipical newgrounder

NotSafeForWork responds:

hay i resemble that remark