Reviews for "What a perv was Cuthwald"

The message of the movie is.

Being like Cuthwald, being that perv is just wrong, you will be only dreaming stupid fantasies and you will die virgin.

I know a lot of people like Cuthwald. Lol they spend all their lives in a perv dream.

Walla > .>

I like the lyrics, did you do the song, or get it from someone?

The animation was good, when it was moving, great lip syncing.

The only part I didn't like was the whole.... Naked and porn thing but that's just me, I can't say Penis with out blushing so...

Anyways nice job

NotSafeForWork responds:

I found a karaoke of "What a Wonderful World", and made up my own lyrics to go with it, based on the original (but perverted).


Hilarious....Thank goodness nobody from my family was watching this...


that was fraking funny, and i love the wonderful world theme. much respect


funny and so fucked up
great loius armstrong impersonator