Reviews for "Skill Test"

368 supurb

nice game. it was fun but only entertaining once.nice job.


To sir908's review: You rated it a 5 instead of 10 because you have a bad mouse!?!?

This game's nothing amazing, someone with flash could make this in a matter of hours. But the concept of it all, the ideas with the reflex tests, the music, and the highscores make up for this.
10/10 since nothing's wrong with it.
BTW I got above average!

Nice and all, just.

A bit short, but i really love it it deservise 10/10 and a 5/5 even though in my opinion is a bit short.

Great gadget.

Love these things, entertaining and classic.

it was k

it was a pretty good game
but i thought it was a bit tricky
but thats prob cos my mouse is rubbish
in a nutshell it was a pretty good game :)