Reviews for "Skill Test"

Love the game!

Reflex test 1: 0.493 (+20.298)
Reflex test 2: 13
Speed Test 1: 200
Speed Test 2: 47
Speed Test 3: 67
Final Score: 347.298
Result: Superb

This game is small, in my opinion should have at least 8 or more tests so you can make Skill Test 2

Nice game.

Reflex test 1: 0.259 (38.560)
Reflex test 2: 13
Speed Test 1: 87
Speed Test 2: 38
Speed Test 3: 88
Final Score: 264.560
Result: Above Average

It needs to be longer and to have more tests because that way it could have more accurate results. You could make a line chart, bar graph or something along those lines to show the score in a more appealing way. It would help quite a bit an possibly improve your score. Nice game though.


Reflex Test 1: 0.266 (+37.641)
Reflex Test 2: 14
Speed Test 1: 56
Speed Test 2: 41
Speed Test 3: 95
Final Score: 243.641 (Above Average)

You should add more challenges to make it more accurate, such as a shooting gallery mini-game to measure reflexes. You should also consider making the results show up in a little chart to make it look cool. It would also be nice if you could save your game so you could compare your results with earlier scores.

lol love it

i got 303.320 not bad but i bet i could do a lil better cuz im tired right now :P
keep up the good work ;)

Perfect in almost everyway but........

You shouldnt of put the one where you had to click a bunch of times. People could use autoers and get like 99999999999999999Clicks in ten secs.

KarloE responds:

They cant because there is a max number of clicks allowed.