Reviews for "Short Shorts!"


wow lolz that was really unexpected! i thought it would be somethin else but wow! stairs lolz!

BillyNapalm responds:

I always wanted to be stairs. My pain really comes through in this sad tale, I think.

Good animation, average humor

The animation was good, like it says above, but I didn't enjoy the humor very much. The only one that made me laugh was the first one. All the others were meh.

BillyNapalm responds:

At least you laughed once. I can shuffle off to the mountains and die a peaceful death now.

so funny!!

See I dont understand why companies that make the simpsons and south park and family guy dont higher any younger people like you (assuming your younger). The writing and jokes are fresh and funny!!

Too bad all 3 of those cartoons suck ass now thanks to the shit writing staff. Its kinda sad really...

But man this was great! Good job

BillyNapalm responds:

Mail the Simpsons and tell them! I like work!

kool story bro

lol all around awesome

BillyNapalm responds:

All around awesome that you found it all around awesome. Awesomesphere!


haha it was pretty good.

BillyNapalm responds: