Reviews for "Short Shorts!"


another awsome animation keep up the good work

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Thanks a bunch! :D

lol frontbum :)

Loved this set of mini skits. They were crude, juvenile and morbid which made them brilliant. Doug and sex ed were my favs, keep up the epic.

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Thanks for watching! :D


"I'm a pothole and your the stairs... We're not supposed to love each other but I don't care..." BAM LOL Excellent work!

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A sad story of the gap between potholes and stairs that's been told since the beginning of time.


Random shorts and ill-construed plots that are done in this sort of fashion tend to irritate for being so stupid in their attempts to be funny. However, this Flash compilation is actually funny, even if for a moment, so I tip my hat in your direction. The humor was the highlight of the movie and shows some signs of sociopathy and juvenile themes, but was entertaining for the most part. The animation was good and accompanied by an equally impressive art direction. The voice acting is also excellent and had some share of the funniest moments in these shorts. Memorable quotes and scenes make this Flash a winner, even if I couldn't completely appreciate it for what it's worth.

There is nothing that I can say about the shorts' quality that is detrimental to their success, as there is very little to complain about. My only jib with this is that I didn't find any of the shorts to be that funny - I'm just not a fan of the "random" when it is poorly executed or overly random. While these shorts are neither of the latter points, I still found the humor a bit dry and predictable.

Definitely will be quoting this though, as lines such as "It poops pee", "Peter Piper packed a pickle", and "NO SON OF MINE IS GOING TO BE STAIRS!" are just gold. Also, what's up with the stair song at the end? I really thought it was turning out good, but then the boy was run over by a car, which I wasn't expecting. Great work here, you deserve some applause. *slow clap*



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Thanks a bunch for the review!

Great work

Very nice animation, I really enjoyed the humor. The tongue twisters segment's ending caught me off guard, funny as sh!t!

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I'm glad you enjoyed it!