Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"

I had to force myself to keep playing this

Artwork and music were great, but damn if this wasn't just another button smashing predictable beat em up game. There was very little diversity in the enemies, not to mention there was no story or cut scenes or anything memorable or addicting about this at all. Looks like you might have whipped this up in a day or two, probably might have used the same animations from your other stuff, I don't know. Replay value is very low.

Love your style, liked the music, just try to make something a little more interesting next time. I know this was probably just a rush job for Pico day, so thanks for at least putting something up.

Good but boring

This game is good but in a short time it is boring
Add some extra's like more combo's and more enemies
or something



lol i pwn

i pwn at this game but t is sill very boring i got 25750 points

This game show what most annoying NG commenters think of: touching balls, Men with muscles, and no chicks!