Reviews for "Fatherly Bonds Da Game"

Ol' Skool

awesome game!!!

I need to say that......

the games of Gonzossm are good congratulations :D

My peeves about this

Alright, you have a good start, but this isn't much of a game. Its repetitive as all hell, you have no way to regain special once you've used it all, and you have no health regen after so many levels. Maybe make some pick ups or something, at least for the special. Might make some players stick around a bit longer

Excellent game

This was a pretty sweet beat 'em up game you made for Pico Day 2010,the gameplay was great cause it felt a lot like playing Double Dragon except with one player and the animation was real creative and just looked fantastic plus the music went real well with the game and overall i enjoyed this game very much.


I played and got a score of 9740 but there's notthing new from the first level. Only backgrounds and difficulty changes. I need more enemies, Combos and some badass weapons.