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Reviews for "Y.U.G.C.A.T.I.I"

It's good but.

It's fun, but that scrolling feature reaaally takes away from the game and makes changing weapons incredibly difficult.

I liked this for one reason, and one reason alone:

The part on the elevator where you juggle the imps with the chainsaw with Muzak on the background. The music was also saveworthy. The controls... no, really. Space for jump? Why not W? And for that matter, why not S for switching weapons?

Winner of the Escapist!

Already played this on the escapist and loved it. For those of you who don't know who Yahtzee is, go to the escapistmagazine.com

Good game

awesome concept. but there is a problem. When you was the mouse scroll, it moves the page. If you could fix that, it would be great

Great game!

Sadly one problem. To make a key function like changing weapons reliant on scrolling kinda screws everyone with a scroll pad, so pretty much any laptop user out there.

Other than that, really fun