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Reviews for "Y.U.G.C.A.T.I.I"


it's a good game.
it's just a little boring.
more gore would have made it better.
like organs and stuff.
I also liked how you could juggle them with the chainsaw.

Great game!

Sadly one problem. To make a key function like changing weapons reliant on scrolling kinda screws everyone with a scroll pad, so pretty much any laptop user out there.

Other than that, really fun

Haha nice

Enjoyed the game, smooth gameplay, just one thing: Theres a glitch at the top of the elevator if you jump just before it stops. I automatically died at near full health.


Very good sidescroller. Everything was good except scrolling to select the weapons. you should have those activated with buttons next time. but amazing job on this.

Good game

Good side scroller, it needs a different option for changing weapons, as the scroll function on a macbook or probably most laptops doesn't work.